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How to Do the Defensive Arm Drag in Wrestling

The defensive arm drag, sometimes known as the “quick drag,” is a little-known setup to the traditional arm drag. This sneaky technique allows you to execute an arm drag on an opponent when he attempts to reach for you. The opportunity to use the defensive arm drag will present itself several times in each match, which is exactly why you should know how to perform it. Keep reading and you’ll learn the basic technique that will put you in an instant position to score.

Let Him Reach

In order to execute this move, you must first allow your opponent to reach for you and make contact with your upper body. Let him post a hand on one of your shoulders. Then on that arm, you will hit your drag.

1. Redirect His Arm

Once his hand is posted on your shoulder, lift your near-side arm up to make contact with his arm. The top of your forearm should make contact with the inside of his, so aim for the center of his forearm.

Next, move your forearm in a circular motion to get it over and on top of his. Continue this motion until your arm is positioned on the outside of his forearm. From here, use the same-side hand to push his forearm towards your other hand. In essence, you are “redirecting” his arm with your near-side hand, so you can execute an arm drag with your other.

2. Drag Inside

Next, bring your free hand toward the inside of the arm you’ve “redirected.” Grasp it just above the elbow, near the triceps. For example, if you “redirected” his right arm, bring your right arm toward the inside of his arm (near the arm pit) and grasp it just above the elbow with your thumb pointing up.

3. Pull Down & Away

Begin to drag your opponent’s arm down and away, towards whichever foot you have opposite of his arm. That is, if you are dragging your opponent’s right arm, pull his arm down towards your right foot.

4. Hit Your Takedown!

From here, you will be able to execute a wide variety of techniques in order to take your opponent down. These will include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • How to Shoot a Sweep Single in Wrestling
  • How to Shoot a Double Leg in Wrestling
  • How to Do a High Single in Wrestling

For more information on the different types of takedowns you can hit from the arm drag, check out the Related Guides section at the top right-hand side of the page.

With this “secret” defensive arm drag in your arsenal, you will be able to gain an advantage over an opponent when he least expects it. Just make sure to drill this move to perfection before you use it in competition. Lastly, be sure to perform this move quickly when drilling it so you can execute it with lightning-fast speed in a match. What are you waiting for? Get out there and try it!

Although it's not well-known, the defense arm drag is a sneaky setup for the traditional arm drag that all wrestlers should know. Learn how to perform it in this guide.
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