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How to Do the Post-double in Wrestling

One of the simplest and most effective ways to set up a double-leg takedown is when your opponent posts on your shoulders with both hands. Essentially, when your opponent extends his arms to reach for your upper body, you will have the opportunity to block his arms, change levels, and shoot your takedown. This is why the setup is called the “post-double,” and it works on even the most experienced opponents. Keep reading to learn how to perform this basic, yet powerful setup.

1. Staggered Stance

Begin in a staggered stance. It doesn’t matter which leg you lead with; you will be able to shoot your double on either side of your opponent’s body.

Make sure you are close enough for your opponent to post both of his hands on your shoulders. If you want to bait him into reaching for you, simply move towards him and use your head to make contact with his head. He will most likely post on your shoulders to control your body.

Hot Tip: No Post Necessary

It’s best to perform this setup when your opponent posts because he will likely be pushing into you, which allows you to cut the distance and quickly get to his legs. However, once you get good at timing your opponent’s reach, you can pop his elbows and hit your takedown right before he even touches you!

2. Pop

When your opponent posts on your shoulders, use your hands to “pop” (force) his arms upwards. Do this by facing your palms towards your opponent, creating “Vs” with your thumbs and forefingers. Place the “Vs” of your hands above his elbows. Then extend your arms upward and push his elbows as high as you can.

3. Change Levels

It’s very important that you perform this step simultaneously with the previous one. As you pop your opponent’s elbows, change your level by bending your knees. This will help you “clear” him, lowering yourself under his arms so you can get to his legs.

4. Shoot

As you pop his arms and change levels, take your penetration step and attack his legs. Also, how you position your arms and hands after you have cleared your opponent’s arms is critical. Bring your hands down and tuck your elbows close to your body. Then bend your elbows so your forearms extend towards him. This will allow you to grip his legs as you take your penetration step.

5. Finish!

Finish your double as desired! This setup allows you to penetrate your opponent’s legs quickly. As long as you maintain good position — with your posture upright and your head tight to his body — you can finish your double however you choose.

Quick Practice Makes Perfect

This basic setup is extremely effective once you have mastered how to time your opponent’s reach. When drilling, make sure to pop your opponent’s elbows as soon as he posts. Once you get the timing down, the move will become second nature. You will be able to get underneath your opponent’s arms instantly, without even thinking about it. Now get on the mat and try it out!

Knowing how to use your opponent's posts is critical for success in wrestling. Check out this guide to learn how to set up a double-leg takedown when your opponent posts.
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