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How to Set up a Double with an Arm Drag

The arm drag is a great setup for a variety of takedowns, but is especially effective for double-leg takedowns. Setting up a double with an arm drag is relatively safe because it limits how your opponent can counter you. The move also helps you create an angle on your opponent, increasing the likelihood that you will finish the takedown. You should be familiar with the double, but if you don’t know how to perform the arm drag, or if you need to refresh your memory, check out iSport’s guide on How to Do the Basic Arm Drag before continuing. Otherwise, keep reading to learn this effective setup.

1. Set Your Feet

Before you can hit your arm drag, you must first make sure your feet are in position to take your shot. You want your lead leg to be on the side of your opponent’s body that you will perform the arm drag on. For example, if you want to perform the arm drag on your opponent’s right arm, lead with your right leg.

2. Drag & Step

Grip your opponent’s wrist with your near hand and use your far hand to perform the drag. That is, if you’re dragging his right arm, you will control his wrist with your left hand and drag with your right.

Focus on pulling your opponent’s arm down and away from his body. This will turn his body slightly, making it easier for you to create an angle. As you hit your drag, use your trail leg to take a big step away from where you are dragging his arm, and step slightly towards him. Creating too much space between your bodies will make it easier for him square-off; stepping slightly towards him keeps you close enough to hit the takedown. Then follow through with a small step with your lead leg. This will give you the angle you need to hit your double.

For example, if you are dragging your opponent’s right arm to your right, take a step to the left with your left (trail) leg. Then follow through by taking a very small step with your right (lead) leg. If done correctly, you will have created an angle on your opponent.

3. Change Levels & Shoot

As soon as you create the angle on your opponent, bend your knees to lower your level. From here, hit your double as usual. Keep the grip you have on your opponent’s arm as you start to shoot. Then, as you penetrate your opponent’s legs, release the grip you have on his arm and grip your opponent’s far leg, instead. Use your free hand to grip your opponent’s near leg.

For example, if you hit the drag on your opponent’s right arm with your right hand, you will release that grip to grip your opponent’s left (far) leg as you shoot. Then your left (free) hand will grip his right leg.

Hot Tip: Trap the Arm

It’s okay if the arm you drag gets trapped between your shoulder and your opponent’s body. In fact, this is ideal because he won’t be able to use this arm to counter your move!

4. Finish as Desired

Finish your double any way you wish! The most effective way to finish your double from here is to simply stay low and drive through him. However, you do have the option to lift him off the mat and finish from there. Just remember that whichever finish you choose, perform it quickly so you don’t give your opponent a chance to counter you!

Drag to Win

The arm drag is one of the most effective and versatile setups that you can perform. Once you have perfected using the arm drag to set up the double-leg takedown, practice using your arm drag to set up a single-leg takedown. Knowing how to use the drag to set up different takedowns will give you many options, making it hard for opponent’s to know what’s coming. Now get on the mat and start drilling!

The arm drag is one of the most effective takedown setups in wrestling. This guide will teach you how to use the drag to get into a double-leg takedown.
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