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How to Train for Wrestling at Home

Exercise ball and jump rope

When private gyms are crowded and membership fees are at an all-time high, your options for getting a quality workout away from the wrestling mat might seem limited these days. For serious wrestlers, additional training outside of wrestling itself is absolutely necessary if you expect to stack up against the best competition. If your goals are to get faster, stronger, and more flexible – and you happen to be on a budget – there is a solution to your dilemma.

There are many quality items on the market today that are inexpensive, and are great to keep around for supplementary training. Four of the most useful items for wrestling will be discussed here: the jump rope, pull-up bar, stability ball, and the medicine ball. These must-have pieces of equipment can be purchased for 40 dollars or less at a sporting goods store or on the internet. Keep in mind that depending on the quality of the equipment you choose, prices could be higher or even lower. However, this guide will help to inform you about the products, so you’ll know your options before you make a purchase.

Jump Rope

The jump rope is one of the most beneficial pieces of workout equipment you could own, for many reasons. Jump ropes can be used as a warm-up before practice, or for longer amounts of time as a cardio workout. Jump ropes are also a great piece of equipment to help improve your overall coordination and agility. Additional benefits include: improved stamina, timing, footwork, and balance. It is also a low-impact workout that is easier on the body in comparison to other pieces of equipment designed for cardio training.

Jump ropes may also be one of the cheapest pieces of workout equipment, as many can be purchased for under five dollars! Jump ropes are easily portable, and you can use them practically anywhere (just go outside). The jump rope is pound-for-pound one of the most fun pieces of training equipment you can own!

Pull-up Bar

Pull-ups provide huge strength training benefits for wrestlers. Pull-ups work your grip and build the muscles in your hands and forearms, in addition to developing the rest of your arms. Pull-ups are also great for strengthening the muscles in your back and core, which are absolutely crucial for success in wrestling at any level.

There is a variety of products on the market today that can be used for pull-ups, many of which can cost well over 40 dollars. However, you can easily find a quality pull-up bar for less than that. Instead of wasting money on a mountain of weighted plates, use your own bodyweight for your strength training.

Many of the pull-up bars on the market can be conveniently installed in a door jam, or simply fastened on top of one. There are also different features that are available, such as “sideways” grips and dip racks. Pull-up bars are an extremely cheap and convenient item that can be used to build strength in the comfort of your own home.

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Stability Ball

Stability balls, sometimes called “exercise” or “fitness” balls, were originally used for rehabilitation purposes. In recent years they have been gaining popularity among athletes, emerging as one of the cheapest and most functional pieces of workout equipment available; some balls can be purchased for as low as 10 dollars.

The stability ball has numerous benefits, and primarily helps improve overall flexibility and balance. When combined with weighted plates or dumbbells, the stability ball can be used for strength training as well. The stability ball forces you to balance yourself during every exercise, and is a functional workout for wrestlers, as the sport calls for dynamic strength and body awareness. It is also great for performing back and hip-pressure drills, both of which provide limitless benefits for wrestlers. This item is also useful to have around for stretching and loosening sore muscles after long practice sessions!

Medicine Ball

The medicine ball is one of the most useful pieces of equipment an athlete can own, and wrestlers have been using it for strength and endurance training for centuries. Medicine balls are typically weighted, and range anywhere from 1 to 200 lbs. The heavier the ball, the more expensive it will be, but you can purchase lighter balls for about 10-15 dollars.

Medicine balls provide functional strength workouts for wrestlers, and can be combined with other movements or workouts, forcing you to stabilize your body while you move the weight of the ball. Depending on how you use it, the benefits of the medicine ball will vary, but may include development of explosive strength in the arms, hips, and core, as well as improved balance and endurance. There are an endless amount of workouts that can be done with a medicine ball, so owning this piece of equipment is a smart and effective way to train.

Workout Benefits for Your Buck

Do some research online and compare the prices you find to local sporting goods stores to ensure you’re getting the best value on these items. All of them can be found for well under 40 dollars, but depending on what and where you are buying, you may have to pay a little more than that if you prefer a higher quality product. Also, make sure to check product details so you know exactly what you are getting.

These four items are essential to any wrestler’s training regiment, but keep in mind that they should not be relied on for strength training by themselves. To maximize your athletic potential, you should be doing Olympic lifts (bench, power clean, squats) in addition to other cardio and resistance exercises specifically designed for wrestlers. Talk to your coach and/or athletic trainer about a strength and conditioning plan that is suited to your needs, and how you can work these pieces of equipment into your training routine. Stay serious in your training and be prepared to dominate the competition with your strength and athleticism!

Training off of the wrestling mat can get costly. Before cashing out on that expensive gym membership, consider the 4 training items under $40 in this guide.
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